A supplier of candles and incense. But not just any candles, they are a distributor of spiritual candles, incense, and related products to the metaphysical, natural food, spa and other markets since 1990.  Everything from the 8” tall 7-day to the 9" tall 14-day candles with and without silk-screened designs to the 3.25” tall 50-hour candles household 6” candles, 4” mini candles, and even the 9” jumbo candles. They have other types of candles, plus a large selection of incense including Hem, Sac, Satya, Auroshikha, Padmini, and many more. They feel that customer service is just as important as the products themselves.


We have been representing this company since 2015.

We represent this company in the states of.....

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