A cornucopia of products. Best prices on Nag Champa incense. Distributors of Wild Berry, Gonesh, Spiritual Sky oil, Shrinivas Sugandhalaya incense products, Morning Star, Incense Matches and Hem incense. Over 80 fragrances of their own incense & oils. Incense   burners, incense bottles & accessories. Nepali hats & bags. Hanging Swarovski Austrian crystals. Kama Sutra products. Pewter pendants and  pendant/candle combos. Banana leaf journals & photo albums. Mood rings. Wish bracelets. Leather banks from India. Mini candles, very nicely scented natural votive candles and candle holders. Fancy boxes, brocade & embroidered bags, Sarongs, Bedspreads, Trendy & hot items. Sterling silver necklaces, earrings, rings with or without stones. Crystal & trendy jewelry. Recycled newspaper   jewelry. Statuary, necklace greeting cards & lighting. Wood & acrylic door beads. Glow stuff, bedspreads, hanging chimes & mobiles, windup toys, therapy balls, novelties, assorted small kids toys. Guatemalan import items, and so very much more. Two 100+ page catalogs available.


We have been representing this company since 2001.

We represent this company in the states of.....

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