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Spirit Sales is an Independent Sales Representative group serving the wholesale needs of retailers in a five-state area. Specializing in meeting the needs of local independent retailers in the general gift, New Age/Metaphysical, music, clothing, jewelry, religious, tobacco, fragrance, and other specialty industries.

Spirit Sales feels that helping our retailers find the right products for their store by getting to know the store, its clientele and working cooperatively with the owners and buyers is superior to the “sell-sell-sell” approach used by a majority of the Sales Representatives in the field today.

Spirit Sales strives to provide its customers with the best possible products, the most comprehensive information on all the lines we represent and to provide and the most frank, honest and informed opinions possible.

Spirit Sales mission is to be more than just a sales representative, they strive to be the retailers' most trusted resource.

              “The Right Products for The Right Stores”
                                                                                   -Our Maxim



Spirit Sales roots go back to 1968 when my brother began a business that manufactured and wholesaled unique and trendy items. Its name was World Spirit. A few years later my father came into the business. Shortly thereafter the recession hit and in 1974, the company restructured into two different entities. My brother ran the manufacturing end of the business and my father took over sales.
That was when Spirit Sales was born. At the time it wholesaled unique and unusual items. A few years later I joined my father.
In 1981 Spirit Sales incorporated and bought a retail store specializing in music and novelty items. I managed the store until 1991 when my father passed away. After my father’s passing I closed the retail store but kept Spirit Sales going. A year later, in 1992, I changed the focus of Spirit Sales and re-introduced it as a Sales Representative company, which it remains to this day

Ace Monroe
Founder and Principal


Lisa Monroe
Office Manager


At age 10 Ace was interested in the workings of both retail and wholesale. At age 14 he started working with his father and brother doing odd jobs around their company. Since age 15 he has been involved in retail/customer service. He started out working in a warehouse. He also worked at a pizza restaurant delivering pizza and eventually graduated to being a manager. He also managed his father's record store. He took over Spirit Sales in 1991.

Lisa started in retail at age 17 and has been involved in customer-related industry ever since.  After receiving her nursing degree, Lisa entered the insurance industry where she worked with both internal and external customers on a regular basis. Lisa has spent 3+ years as both a retail store-owner and manager. In 2001 Lisa joined Spirit Sales in which she has remained an integral part.


Jackie Bueg
Senior Associate


Dan Deverick
Customer Service Associate

Jackie started off in the industry by doing modeling and in-store promotions.  Since then she has had just about every position in the industry at one time or another at least once. She tries to respect the buyer's time and opinion because she managed a hospital gift shop.  She understands the constraints on vendors because she was the executive director for an import division of a European vendor.  She understands that the consumer is her best friend because ultimately they are the reason we all exist. 

Jackie also has lines of her own in the Missouri and lower Illinois areas CLICK HERE.

Dan had a collection of part-time jobs in high school and college including pizza delivery, city public works, soda jerk, shipping/receiving at university library. Received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Illinois State University. Started as a manufacturer's representative in 1995 and hasn't looked back since.  He enjoys going into stores, meeting interesting owners and employees, and working with them to explore new products.  Also, loves to play hockey and coaches a high school team.


Coral Sheedy
Customer Service Associate


(Story to come)

"Just like our entire staff, these animals were rescues"

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He thinks he is our office manager. When he wants something he gets right up into your face and tells you as much. He is our clock watcher and seems to have a keen sense of when 5pm comes along.  He also seems to like to test out the keyboards and makes sure they work well.

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Passed away April 2023

She is in charge of the catalogs. She checks in all the boxes that come in and checks out each catalog that comes in. She also seems to be the union steward and when we are not around she takes control of everything. She is always negotiating bonuses for her team and will stand up and yell for what she feels they want.


2015-12-16 18.55.07.jpg

He thinks of himself as the boss, as you can imagine when you look at his picture.  He takes over any and all projects he wants. His main job is security, he keeps an eye on things and can be normally found looking out the window at all hours day and night. Should he find something that doesn’t belong, he will go after it until it is caught and removed.  He can go from zero to psycho in 1/15th of a second.

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