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Here are the answers to some our the most Frequently Asked Questions.........

Who is Spirit Sales?
Spirit Sales is a rep group based in the Chicagoland area.

What is a Rep Group?
A Rep (short for Representative) Group is an independent sales force whose job it is to represent a particular, or group of, Manufacturers and/or Distributors ("Companies") to stores or Resellers in a defined geographical sales area.

Why would I want to deal with a Rep Group when I could contact the Companies direct?
When you contact one company that's what you get.
When you contact a Rep Group:
You get the resources of all the companies represented.
We are impartial and care about your needs. We will direct you to the company that fits your needs at that time.
We are always getting new companies, new information, and are told about specials that we could offer.

Doesn't salesforce mean Spirit Sales only cares about making the sale?
Our goal is to provide you with full-service representation. We will be available to take your orders, manage problems, assist with pricing for maximum profit, and to make product suggestions to boost your sales. We will keep you abreast of new products and specials with calls or mailings. As a gift representative, we are able to offer incentives through a number of our companies when you utilize our services.
We will deal with problems, questions, discrepancies, and even deal with shortages or breakage on received orders. We do more than just sell. To understand us better see our Mission Statement.

Who does Spirit Sales sell to?
Spirit Sales sells to Retailers, Website retailers, Resellers, and non-for-profit organizations. To qualify you must be a legitimate business in our geographical territory and, where it applies, have a resale tax number.
We cannot and will not deal with the end consumers wanting information or pricing on any products or companies we represent.

I don't have a store, but I do shows and sell on online, can I buy from these companies?
Yes, as long as you are a legitimate reseller you can purchase from the companies we represent.

What are Spirit Sales geographical sales area?
For most of our companies, we service the entire states of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin.

What Companies does Spirit Sales represent?
Our list of companies, with a description of what they carry, can be found on the Companies we Represent page.

How can I get more information on the companies Spirit Sales represents?
Just fill out our Catalog Request Form or Request access to our pdf catalog access. As soon as we verify your information we will send you the catalogs you requested.

What if I am outside of Spirit Sales geographical territory?
Due to our contractual obligations, any requests made from outside our 5 state territory will be ignored.

If I don't want catalogs, how can I contact Spirit Sales?
Just Contact Us.

Once I am a Spirit Sales customer will I be able to order online?
Yes, just request access to our online order area.

Do you have an office we can meet at?
For over 11 years we had an office, but to simplify our business we no longer have a public office. But, please remember we will come to your store for a meeting at your convenience.

What are your normal business hours?
Due to the nature of the business, our hours can vary, we can stay at our office later or due to appointments come in later. We always get and return our messages. But we try very hard to maintain the following hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (CST).  Evenings and weekends by appointment only.

What Holidays are you closed for?
We are closed on –  Memorial Day – July 4th – Labor Day – Thanksgiving & Black Friday – Christmas Eve through New Years Day.

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